March 17th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

From season to season

It snowed a little every day for the past week in Toronto.

In London, the daffodils are past their peak and it's pleasantly warm and sunny out. The grass is green. The trees are just barely beginning to show hints of green.

I would like to thank the three gentlemen who helped me lug my overly heavy suitcase down stairs and non-functional escalators scattered throughout the London Underground System. Their aid made my life easier. Of course, no one ever volunteered to help me lug the thing upwards.

Bits of my black boots have inexplicably turned green at some point since I started this trip. I don't understand it.

Also, The Emperor's New Groove really is a fun movie.
Fishy Circumstances

Things I hadn't noticed

The Lakeview Lunch is back in business under new management! I noticed the sign and the exclamation points from the streetcar yesterday.

Since when was the Irish pub and Japanese restaurant which were structurally damaged when Uptown Theatre demolition fell on them all been turned into a parking lot? Suddenly, sunlight reaches the basement of the Manulife Centre from the east. It's uncanny.

Also, the University of Toronto has now abolished mandatory retirement. (News as of Monday.)