March 27th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

Reunions and Expeditions

The last two days have been full in very satisfying ways. aquitaineq came for an overnight visit. We took her on long Thames walks upriver and a tour of the Belgian Beers of London. The impromptu beer tour began last night with a wonderful dinner at Belgo, an old favorite of ours we'd not been back to in several years. She and I drank our way through a whole assortment of Belgian beers. Inspired by this, we looked up the top beer stores of London that night, and planned the next day around it. Between a trip to Utobeer at the Borough Market and The Beer Store near Old Street, C. and aquitaineq both come home well-stocked.

After she left, C. and I took the train up to greater Ipswich for madcatlady's birthday party, the first chance we'd had to see her in entirely too long - five years in my case, and the better part of seven for C. She's a cat fancier and has some of the loveliest and best tempered cats it has ever been my pleasure to meet. She also has a very congenial flock of friends who set down for the weekend. We watched the new Dr. Who (on an enormous screen), played a cinema-trivia game, "Scene it?", and ate tasty Indian food which the birthday girl herself had prepared for all of us. The land was misty on the return trip, the fog shrouding the London skyscrapers in spring humidity.