April 8th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

A handful of days: Wicked, TSO

The paper I've been working on (again) for the past week or two is in fairly good shape, I'm happy to report. A few more hours of work and I think it'll be ready to go. If it meets with approval, this will eventually become my first serious publication!

Meanwhile, I have spent my evenings gadding about the town in the company of pittenweem. We began on Tuesday with the touring production of Wicked which is currently in town. The musical tells the story of what happened to the witches of Oz before Dorothy came along, and is based on the book of the same name by Gregory Maguire.

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The next night, we met up again to attend a concert of new music performed (and, in one instance, commissioned) by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Thanks in part to the TSO's strike my first year in Toronto, I had failed to attend any of their concerts, or visit Roy Thomson Hall, until this week. Thus this was partially a touristic expedition on my part.

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Finally, the two of us met up yet again to spend time at the pub on Thursday, along with assorted other medievalists, most of whom were in an end-of-semester, after-the-last-class phase of semi-collapse. I left her among the Carolingian scholars to go off and spend my first evening of the week without her company, off at the First Thursday SF pub night.