April 24th, 2005


Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar

Location: 9 Church St., south of Front. Toronto.

When chickenfeet2003 and lemur_catta suggested I join them at the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar before we went to the opera on Thursday, it was very easy for me to say yes. I'd read various intriguing reviews of the place since it opened. The chef who runs the place used to run the restaurant on the ROM, and has been involved with various Toronto venues before that. The bar doesn't take reservations except for lunch, so we met there at 5:30 to err on the safe side of early. We were indeed fortunate in our arrival time: we nabbed one of the few tables! (There's plenty of additional space available at the bar itself.)

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Overall, it was a pleasant meal with good company. There were some clear high point to the meal, including the poutine, the scallop, and the wines. It's just as well we weren't hungrier and didn't have time to linger longer into the evening: we could have easily run up a very expensive bill indeed, one tempting dish at a time.