May 8th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

Kalamazoo continued

I never sleep enough at the 'zoo. Even if I make it back from receptions by 11, it takes me another hour to work my way through the next day's schedule and figure out how to schedule my time. Breakfast is from 7-8. I know, I don't have to prepay for all my breakfast tickets, but it gives me an incentive to be up and about, and achieve alertness by the time the morning sessions begin.

On Saturday, I skipped the plenary in favor of a post-breakfast nap to catch up on a smidgen of sleep before heading off to what proved to be one of the most entertaining sessions of the congress for me: Reading Latin. The audience members ranged from long-term Latin professors to medievalists who'd managed to never really study Latin but still needed to pronounce the odd word of it respectably in their papers. The session leader was charmingly flustered. She's a Latin professor, but used to giving academic papers to her peers, not running them through pronunciation exercises. The session was good scansion review for me; also, I'm not sure I ever knew how to say a 'y' properly in classical Latin.

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The best paper title of the conference - I didn't attend it - was on marginalia: "It came from Outer Space."

Now the campus is wrapped back into a lull of sunshine, the odd student or conference attendee wandering down the hillside or pausing the watch the swans on their nest. The congress is all but over until next year.