May 11th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances


Somewhere between London and here, the rest of C.'s paperwork is winging its way across the ocean to me. I've been nervous about applying for my UK visa for months (what if I'm turned down?), but this week, the ongoing disturbance of rearranging the household yet again for painting and repairs is temporarily trumping my visa fretfulness.

At least the odds are against FexEx/UPS/whatever-service-he-used losing his passport entirely the way FedEx did my sister's, once upon a time.

Bloor-Yorkville Wine Festival: Fetzer 'Great Beginnings' Appetizer Challenge

According to a paragraph frosted into a well-polished mirror, the Carlu was a theater once considered to have the best acoustics in North America. Glenn Gould thought so, at least. The theater opened in 1931, up on the 7th floor of the building now known as College Park, the centerpiece of an Art Deco confection on a large scale. Sad to say, until I saw a model of it, I hadn't realized how nicely proportioned the building was.

Regardless, chamaeleoncat (CC) and double0hilly (DH) didn't come with me for the acoustics, nor the drab lighting, nor even the conceptually-spiffy little clips to hold small plates securely to the bottom of our wine glasses. They, like I, were there for the food and drink, the alcohol and appetizers. The event, part of the Bloor-Yorkville Wine Festival (underway through this coming weekend), was a competition among local chefs to create a novel appetizer which best complemented the theme wine-of-the-year. Fetzer, the sponsor, chose its Gewürztraminer as the wine to work with, although there was a healthy selection of other Fetzer wines to drink as well. (And water, both sparkling and non.)

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Of all the events in the Bloor-Yorkville weekend, this seemed - both in advance and in practice - like one of the best to do, for the sheer variety it offered, the fun of competition, and the assurance of being able to stick to white wines all evening. It would have been even better if there hadn't been quite so many scallops... and better too if we had had appetite for dessert afterwards, something to balance out the persistent intensity of eating quite so many showy appetizers in lieu of dinner. Still, I'm quite glad I went and, though I'm unlikely to be in town for this particular event again, I'd quite willingly try similar occasions elsewhere.