May 23rd, 2005

Fishy Circumstances


  • My kitchen is now dark chocolate brown and beige. It will be even more beige next week.
  • California blinds are just like Venetian blinds, only with larger wooden slats.
  • Having the right, niftily-designed shower caddy solves many problems.
  • The comfy gel wrist rests I'm currently using with my computer are available to buy/replace in the UK.
  • Revenge of the Sith - yep, it was a movie. I want Padme's hair stylist.
  • The dollar store at Charles and Yonge sells mini Toblerone bars for 59 cents. (Thanks, aerinah!)
  • Insomnia (Bathurst and Bloor) still has good potatoes.
  • How can a street as short as mine have four speed humps proposed for it?
  • On both Friday and Saturday, I ate dinner with groups of people, all of whom (including me) had their dinner bought for them.
Fishy Circumstances

Which windmill is which?

Poll #499309 Windmill typology

Which of these images shows a vertical windmill? The other is a horizontal windmill. There is no right answer.

Recreation drawing of early Persian windmill
Detail from image of Rhodes in Nuremberg Chronicle

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I was wondering what other people, coming to the problem and the pictures for the first time, might choose as best embodying verticality or horizontality.