May 28th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

A day at Anime North

I went out to the airport to watch airplanes land today, low and close overhead, wheels outstretched for landing through the only-slightly-hazy skies. Every minute, another: whale-like double-deckers, small commuter planes. It's almost an annual tradition. Last year when I went out there to watch airplanes, the highlight was late at night one evening, with low hanging clouds, an enormous plane emerging out of the eclipse of mist, a beast of a creature coming down to roost in the Toronto airport. Except really, I wasn't there for the airplanes; I was there for Anime North.

After the long commute, the long lines, and lines which wanted me to come back in an hour to stand in them then, I did something relatively unusual at an anime convention: I watched anime. Indeed, that's the lure of a con like this for me, a chance to sample more series. Good costumes are a major added bonus. I spent an hour mid-afternoon watching DDR and para para dancing because watching groups of people doing perfectly coordinated steps with almost robotic accuracy is transfixing, at least for short periods of time. Famous voice actors? Panels? RPGs? I was there for the anime. And the masquerade.

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