July 21st, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

In transit

The Underground system has been shut down again, hopefully only briefly. There were minor blasts in three stations a few hours back - as I just learned, thanks to a handful of LiveJournal posts.*

Colin may need a while to make it home today, due to transit complications (although hopefully not), but my boxes should still arrive just fine. They've cleared customs! We have a moving removals company picking them up at 4. At long last, this move should be over by the end of the afternoon.

* After a few minutes of watching the live BBC feed of news updates on the blasts, it occurred to me that I could be watching the same content at a healthier resolution on the nearby tv. I didn't (not enough new news yet to make it necessary), but I could have. Can you tell I'm not in the habit of having a tv around?

No. 3 York Place

Location: 3 York Place, at King St. Leeds, UK.

After a week of cafeteria food, wouldn't you be pining away for a good meal? That's not really why I went to No. 3 York Place last Thursday. The real reason is that I'd spent the past several months reading the eGullet UK boards, which included repeated recommendations for both No. 3 and Anthony's in Leeds. And since I knew I was going to be there anyways for a week, it made perfect sense to take advantage of the oppotunity to eat well.

No. 3 is located a few minute's walk from the railway station, in the heart of Leeds' city centre, on a relatively quiet side street. White walls and ceiling, judicious use of glass, and a few walls of mirrors helped make the room feel spacious. It helped too that no one was ever really seated next to me, so I had an effective amount of space to myself. (Technically, three people briefly sat down at the next table, but one of them started to make unhealthy noises, and then they left.) White linens, dark brown and white leather upholstery: they achieved a nice balance between classic and modern decor.

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The food at No. 3, for all its achievements and aspirations, is really quite accessible. The dishes are almost never more complicated than advertised on the menu. The dishes are sophisticated and honestly straightforward, a very comfortable balance. The room is welcoming, the staff knowledgable and attentive. And there's a UKP 18.50 three course menu available if you go at lunchtime or before 7:30 for dinner. By the standards of high-end UK restaurants, that's a bargain.