July 24th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

Housewarming, or, yet another small world tale

There are several intersecting stories here, all which are predicated on the fact that Medieval academia, Science Fiction fandom, University of York graduates, and LiveJournal are all small communities where everyone is connected by very few degrees of separation. Actually, that sums it all up quite nicely: I spent last night in a nicely moved-into house meeting people I'd seen before, heard of, or, at furthest, were friends of friends.*

Several days ago, someone in the dianawynnejones community posted a link to a really nifty do-it-yourself model of Howl's Moving Castle. If you have a color printer and a whole lot of time to kill, it looks like fun. Through brief reply to that post, someone whose username rang no bells contacted me; someone who, upon further reading, already knew me, and I her. Thus it was I was back in touch in time to attend fjm's housewarming party last night.

A year or so ago, chickenfeet2003 suggested a few LJers I might like to read, including childeric. Although a medievalist, his posting topics tended more towards heavy metal, so I never followed. I did notice his York associations though. And he too was at the party last night. As it turns out, we know a fair handful of the same York SF club folks, in addition to both being York medievalists. chilperic, whose housewarming it also was, is a York medievalist as well.

Several months back, I had the fun of attending easterbunny's Pie competition. (Because really, there is little in life more enjoyable than meeting up with friends and eating pie all afternoon.) Among the LJ cohort to attend that event were flick and drplokta - who were also at the housewarming party last night. It quickly became apparently that most people in England know easterbunny and aca.

Anyways, you get the idea. I ate fruit salad and drank wine under the darkening skies in a lush garden, talking about the meaning of plants in Medieval texts, fairy tale studies in New York City, engineering with marbles, commuting relationships, and organic chocolate. It was a very good evening.

* Including headgardener, the_gardener, ladymoonray, swisstone, d_aulnoy, and vschanoes