July 31st, 2005


Two gastropubs: The Dovetail and The Crown

The Dovetail- Location: 9 Jerusalem Passage, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4JP

Since I pride myself on my sense of good direction, I was particularly embarassed that I managed to get lost multiple times en route to join haggisthesecond, naxos, and C. for an evening of good food in honor of my birthday. I was even using a map at the time. Unlike C.'s, my map at least had Jerusalem Passage marked on it. It's a small lane tucked away in a quiet area which is going increasingly upmarket. It's an increasingly happening area, reported our dinner company, who lived in the neighborhood a number of years ago.

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The pleasant space is compact, so go early to nab a table - or reserve one. I'd particularly like to go back again for the lambic range, and to have more of those amazing chips - even if we were too full to collectively finish two pints' worth of them.

The Crown - Location: 223 Grove Road, Victoria Park, London E3 5SN

At some point in the past, The Crown served brunch. That's why I made a reservation for lunchtime today. They don't any more, but it was still worth the trip to check out what kind of venue the world's second organic pub is, as well as the largely canal-side walk which we took to get there.

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