November 4th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances


  • Impromptu lunch with haggisthesecond and naxos - good for company and to get me out of the house on Tuesday.
  • A lovely dinner at Navarro's, a Spanish tapas restaurant on Charlotte St. near Goodge St., with oursin.
  • Attended my first full First Thursday pub night in London. There were a handful of people I'd met before, at least, but nobody I really knew well, which made me awkwardly hovery at times. Still, G. thoughtfully introduced me 'round to a number of other people, which helped a great deal. Oddly, she's twice pointed out people to me by their LJ names, but I don't know hers, nor she mine.
  • Attended that somewhat rare beast, a talk on Kepler. More typically, it dealt with his mathematical astronomy, and was full of geometrically detailed material which I'm quite sure I could understand if I was given a ruler, compass, and a few hours to draw and decipher.
  • Somehow, it's felt like a madly busy week when I'm not sure it really was one. My work habits have been steadily improving, so - quite rightly - I've had somewhat less time to be frivolous.
  • Sometime soon I'll write up the rest of my trip to Paris, involving some fabulous highlights, including a recently opened exhibit on Medieval Islamic Science! Also, the harvest fair at Wisley; Anthony's; Perigee.... Whether or not you'd like to read about them, these are all things I would like to write about - but write about right.
  • Today I'm meeting up with a friend's sister, going to a food fair at Covent Garden (it's on all weekend!), and then catching a train northwards.