November 14th, 2005

Portrait as a Renaissance artist-enginee


If I were a Renaissance artist-engineer, this is completely what I would look like. (Link is to entry's userpic.) Admire the background - clearly, I am designing something clever. The icon was drawn by the extremely talented relentlesstoil, who I haven't seen in a million years entirely too long. (Go browse her last two months' worth of made-for-charity user pics and her own user pics to see more of her lovely creations.)

The weather has taken a turn for the chill. The cold rolls off of the apartment's large windows. It's no longer easy to leave all the doors open, to let the sunshine glow in the rooms. The sun, however bright in the blue sky, doesn't warm as much as it did, and the curtains are better insulators. I have been congratulating myself on my cunning in putting my desk chair right next to a radiator. I shouldn't have the excuse for not working of cold, stiff fingers this winter.

I am looking forward to this week: meetings with friends, a new email account (which won't replace anything old, don't worry!), booking tickets for future travel, finishing off an overdue project, and starting on urgently loooming projects which will temporarily have the excitement of novelty attached to them. There is chocolate and warmth and a finished wardrobe and a lovely new icon in my life. That'll do.