November 18th, 2005

Fishy Circumstances

Sometime past: Paris

I wrote up excerpts, but not the bulk of the Paris trip two weeks ago. Before I go travelling again, I'll record the rest of the trip for future reference. (Sad to say, I've occasionally needed past write-ups to tell me what exactly happened at events past.)

C. had never been to Paris, and my best friend from childhood is currently researching there for a term. (For her PhD in Middle Eastern history.) Of course we went to visit. A.S. met us at the Gare du Nord and saw us safely to our hotel. We'd hadn't booked the trip more than a week in advance, so our hotel selection was limited. Oddly enough, we stayed in a Scottish-themed hotel. The room was typical Parisian miniscule, but the elevators were by far the biggest I've seen in a Parisian hotel. That's not saying a great deal, but I was still impressed that we could fit in the elevator with our luggage and have a bit of room left over.

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This was by far my most satisfying trip to Paris to date. It helped, I admit, that this was the first time I've had much real input into what my group of travellers was doing while there. Travel was generally unstressful, we ate well, saw a pleasing variety of sights, and met up with more than one friend. None of it was rushed. I came back with a lovely exhibition catalog, candied chesnuts, chocolate, macarons, bite-sized sausages, and Christmas presents.