November 22nd, 2005

Portrait as a Renaissance artist-enginee

Mills for sale

There are dozens of habitable mills for sale in the UK right now. I'd run across ads for wind and water mills when looking at the housing market in Estonia a few months ago, but it never occurred to me how numerous they might be around the UK. Of course there are lots of mechanically-powered mills still standing. It wasn't all so long ago - over a century - that they were widely in use.

I received my first newsletter from the unfortunately-acronymized SPAB Mills Section today, including five full pages of mill ads. Average asking price was around the half million pound mark - but they generally come with a decent amount of land. I wonder what the mill market is like elsewhere in the world?

Relatedly, if for some reason you too are interested in mills, you might be interested in following Windmill World (windmillworld).