December 19th, 2005

Fishmas Festivities

Holiday Cards

I love receiving Christmas Cards, New Year's Cards, Solstice Cards, Easter Cards, Birthday Cards... they make me happy, knowing that someone sent out greetings in an envelope, and were thinking of me. I don't think I filled in a single LJ poll this year requesting cards since I was in a frenzy of dissertation-related distraction when it was all happening, but nevertheless, a lovely line of cards now balances on top of the television (the modern home's hearth when no fireplace is present - even for those of us who don't generally watch the thing).

So thank you to all of you who mailed me shiny things to make my home festive, whether in envelope or email, whether the concierge staff, my next door neighbor, non-LJ and LJ friends alike. They brighten my day.