December 20th, 2005


Defence aftermath

The day after I defended, I went over to SGS because I'd been informed that I would have paperwork to do there. It wasn't much, but it was important - a sheet wherein I committed to when I would be graduating and what my mailing address would be around that time. They also gave me the sheaf of papers which must be submitted along with the dissertation when it's turned in, including my assertion that I have permission to reproduce everything included in the dissertation. This is why I'm stripping out all the images for the final version.

SGS also gave me a sheet of paper telling me when my dissertation was due, a helpful thing since until then I didn't know if "a month of corrections" meant a calendar month or a month of business days. It's the latter, which, factoring in Christmas and New Year's, means my dissertation isn't ultimately due until nearly the end of January. But it sure couldn't hurt to have it in sooner, and I'll save on tuition if I do so.

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I find I'm being inconsistant on how I spell defence/defense. "Defense" is the U.S. spelling, "defence" is the British spelling, and offhand, I can't even tell you how it's spelled in the country where I'm earning this degree. (And I'm disoriented enough on this particular point of spelling that I erroneously swapped the two when initially posting this.)

A Menu for Hope 2 (with exciting food-related prizes!)

Over at Chez Pim, the second annual Menu for Hope is running, a fundraiser for earthquake victims in the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India, via UNICEF. Each US$5 donation gets you a raffle's chance at winning a prize of your choice - and there are some mighty fine prizes over there, courtesy of food bloggers worldwide. The offerings are particularly fine in the Bay area - cases of wine! hampers of food! dinner at fancy restaurants! - Chez Pim's home ground, as well as in New York and in France, but most of the prizes (cookbooks, food hampers) can be shipped worldwide.

The fundraiser runs until December 23rd.