January 31st, 2006



Location: 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. USA.

The best food is memorable. The flavor and texture linger on in memory long after the last bite has past one's lips. And that's why I've been reflecting on the ethereal taste of piña colada spun sugar, clouds of cotton candy melting in my mouth.

2941 is located in a business park, no where in particular, west of Washington D.C. in Falls Church. I'm told that by daylight it looks much less prepossessing than it does at night, a glow of windows through a tidy grove of office park trees, the wind whistling through the dark of suburban night. Dressed in wedding finery, we clung to our coats and scarfs as the chill gusts tugged at us, finding respite in the warm glow of a well-appointed, high-ceiling space. C. said my face brightened just seeing the ratio of waiters to diners.

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