February 6th, 2006

Fishy Circumstances

HP Casting

Luna Lovegood, Professor Umbridge, Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, Mrs. Figg and other HP roles have been cast. Given how notably missing Luna was from the last movie, it's nice to know she's not been completely written out of the movie series. (The article link is to a CBBC article. I'm sure you can all track down better news coverage than that.)

This reminds me: moving to England has been bad for my rate of movie consumption. It's not that there aren't theaters around; but they're more expensive, and with C. finally working real hours - unlike in Toronto - he's less likely to be up for going out in the evening on a whim.

Three Meals: St. Moritz, Lola's, Wapping Food

St. Moritz
Location: 161 Wardour St, near Tottenham Court Rd. station. London. W1F 8WL

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Location: Upstairs in the Mall Building, 359 Upper St, near Angel station. London. N1 0PD

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Wapping Food
Location: Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Wall. Vaguely near Wapping and Shadwell stations; across the street from the Prospect of Whitby. London. E1W 3ST

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* So this was apparently London's only Swiss restaurant. Does London have at least one restaurant representing the cuisine of each of the European countries? That could be a fun food tour theme.
** And such a relief after the last bizarre crême brûlée I'd eaten, a weird creature in which the layer of crisp sugar covered a slab of mascarpone.
*** We've only tried for brunch a few times in this city, and have been foiled every one of them. I want an American-style brunch - eggs benedict, pancakes, that kind of thing. The last time we tried for one, the restaurant no longer served it at all.