April 11th, 2006

Fishy Circumstances

Conversational Detritus

C. and I met up with mirrorshard, nou, uon, pfy, and the newly beLJ'd dendarii to celebrate mirrorshard's birthday last night. These are some followups to conversations which occurred over dinner.

  • "to seven" IS a verb, albeit only in US card-playing slang. From the OED: "intr. Const. out. In the game of craps: to throw a seven, and hence to lose one's bet; occas. with dice as subj." Its use dates back at least to 1934.
  • "sever" and "several" are from the same root as "separate". "To sever" can also just mean to open, when it comes to eyes and lips. The OED again: "1398 TREVISA Barth. De P.R. V. xvii. (1495) hijb, Mannes lippes..maye be seueryd & departed. a1586 SIDNEY Arcadia III. (1598) 372 Pyrocles, then first seuering his eye liddes, and quickly apprehending her danger. 1842 TENNYSON Day-Dream, Sleeping Pal. iv, Her lips are sever'd as to speak."
  • Kofu is the capital of Yamanashi prefecture.
  • From this very LJ: how I really started to pay attention to wine. Also, uses for celery salt. I still don't own any, but do I ever have salt in the house. Salt, salt, and more salt, yet still a replacement for Fiddes and Payne herb salt (in its own grinder; or a refill) is on our shopping list because it's so good. (Yet it is not listed on their website, which is worrisome.)
  • Domori sell edible 100% cocoa mass bars. I've tried it in both their Black and Kamba ranges. Taste-wise, eating it is more like drinking red wine than it is like eating chocolate. Domori is an Italian company, but the occasional high-end food shop stocks it. In London, I've seen it at the Flaneur food hall on Farringdon Road; in Toronto, at La Fromagerie at College and Ossington; in Berlin, at the KaDeWe food hall; and in Venice at the high-end alcohol shop near the south end of the Rialto whose name temporarily escapes me (among other places).