April 20th, 2006

Fishy Circumstances


I went back to Glasgow again last weekend, the second time in a year, both times with events held in the same time, both times for science fiction conventions. The world of British SF fandom doesn't actually revolve exclusively around Glasgow; there was simply efficiency in organized both WorldCon and Eastercon in the same place. The British National Science Fiction Convention is called Eastercon - a good thing, when the alternative is the ungainly acronym BNSFC. The name doubles as a handy date mnemonic.

Eastercon was dense and good. I went to lots of panels. Guest of Honor and special guest slots were particularly good. I loved the corset panel - comparative corset history with all the corsets under discussion being worn by models/volunteers. I bought books, I coveted a lovely etching in the art show, and I networked. (A German historian of science at the con recognized me from the Halifax conference.) I ran into long-lost friends (makyo), long-misplaced friends (guyelfkin, paul_skevington, and S.), and met lovely new people (including wishus). Thanks to London pub meets, I also knew a decent swathe of other attendees.

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