April 23rd, 2006

Fishy Circumstances


Yesterday, we took the train down through rolling hills of green to the protected coastline of Southampton to see S.T. and wander around the city. Enormous cruise ships, like mobile skyscrapers, turned ponderously in the Solent, family waving to family from boat to shoreline. We walked the ruins of the medieval walls and read the plaque on the monument raised to the memory of a ship's steward who went down with the boat in the process of saving everyone else aboard. The city's history is molded by the sea, as a trading port whose international vibrancy peaked in the late thirteenth century, and now as a ferry port to the Isle of Wight and cruise ships to points further away.

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Thames: from Pimlico to Kew
Thanks to easterbunny's energetic organizational skills, I met up with her, realtan_dannan, and haggisthesecond for Thameswalk from Pimlico to Kew. The distance was twelve miles in theory, but we figured it was more like thirteen after all of the enormous diversions around construction sites. Indeed, the walk started inauspiciously, with a closed section of Thameside path.

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