May 11th, 2006


The Ubiquitous Chip

Location: 12 Ashton Lane. NW of the city center, near the university. Glasgow.

All the eGullet boards about Glasgow recommend the Ubiquitous Chip as THE place to eat in Glasgow. This is why I booked myself in for dinner there on the very night I arrived in Glasgow for Eastercon. There may have been a main entrance, but what I found was the Wee Pub - and it really was mighty small. A phone call later, and I was ushered through to the main indoor space, a table of my own with people watching aplenty through the window to the courtyard beyond. The crowds were dressed in a wide range of styles, from t-shirts and tennis shoes through to elegant evening gowns. Decor was pleasant and accessible: white linens, towering flower arrangements, muted paint shades.

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The Ubiquitous Chip would be a very easy restaurant to return to: innovative food with a serious emphasis on the quality of the ingredients, in a relaxed but classy atmosphere and accomodating service.