June 3rd, 2006

Fishy Circumstances


  • I submitted the bound version of my dissertation to my department on Thursday, the very last thing that can be construed as a pre-graduation requirement. It's black with shiny gold letters. On the outside, it looks like a book. On the inside, it looks like my dissertation. Many, many thanks to snowdrifted for ensuring it was produced in time.

  • My student ID/library/photocopy card has been in steady decline over the years, thanks to frequent use. Today, with no obvious incentive, it split down the middle. theengineer promptly taped it back up... but my T-Card really is now broken. I just hope I can still use the photocopy money I have on there.

  • At today's on campus doctor's appointment, the doctor was astounded by my file: it was full of paper! More recent students apparently just have electronic records.