July 25th, 2006

Fishy Circumstances

A birthday

I spent my day loitering around, cosseting myself with sashimi, sushi, and a new bathrobe, not all from the same shop. It's been tranquil and pleasant, with flowers and cards, including one whose envelope was addressed to "Dr. Worthen"!

In the evening, I started to feel as if I've at last really begun to settle in London. I've known Zeenab since I was 10, C. and mirrorshard from York, haggisthesecond and fjm from Toronto, and everyone else from the past year of living in London. If only Catherine had been able to come - from my time at Smith - this would have been the best distribution of friends I've ever managed to assemble in one place. Even without her, it was wonderful to have people together from so many parts and places of my life.

Lola's very thoughtfully was celebrating its 10th anniversary, which means that those of us who ordered off of the set menu were generously given free matching wine. The salmon was smooth and fresh, good on its own in a gentle marinade, but enlivened by the crunch of accompanying beet salad. Lime cheesecake was light and friendly, with a laid-back tang to the lime. It was good in a way which comes closer to approximating my ideal of cheesecake than most I've tried in my life. It needn't be a heavy dish; I prefer it lighter. The dessert wine (not part of the deal) was smooth and restrained, grape with undercurrent of citrus.

For those that were there and wondered who the others were on LJ, here's the list, counter-clockwise from me: purplecthulhu, fjm, hairyears, ewtikins, pfy, Zeenab WINOLJ, nou, mirrorshard, Colin (colins_journal), and haggisthesecond.