August 3rd, 2006

Portrait as a Renaissance artist-enginee

Manuscript, computer

Several laconic months and ten folios later, my transcription is complete. Now there's "just" all the translation and annotation to do.

I've really loved working on this text. Indeed, I'm rather tempted to go on and do an edition of the whole rest of the manuscript - in the long run, that would be a useful service too. Indeed, when I was talking to a Toronto professor about this project at Leeds, her first question was whether or not I was working on the volume and its companions in their entirety. We'll see how the smaller project turns out before I tackle the larger.

In less happy news, my laptop isn't work UKP 650 for repairs. It needs a new logic board fitted. That amount goes a long ways towards buying a new laptop, after all. I've already paid a small fortune for repairs to it when it was thirteen months old - one past its native warranty. In the future - the very near future now - I will buy an extended warranty with a new laptop.

I got a dissertation and four years use out of it; not so bad really, if not quite as long as I'd hoped. The machine still works, mostly, as long as I use it with external keyboard and mouse (i.e. don't touch it), and don't care if it freezes at least once every two or three hours, often more frequently. This means I can revert it to emulating MacOS9 and run all my old software on it, especially the older Ambrosia games.