October 16th, 2006



  • I passed the first chestnut seller of the year at Tottenham Court Road and New Oxford Street. A billow of smoke caught me through the crowds, and then I realized that it smelled rather good. It's a smell I associate with winter more than recent clement fall, but then again, chestnuts are in season right now.

  • Although I commited to do the LJ Fruit Challenge, I haven't started yet. I will, really, but I need to make or acquire some small appropriate containers for growing first. No where in the challenge did it say that it needed to be done last week, after all.

  • ewtikins not only gave me the offshoots of a quince tree, but an actual quince as well. (Not home grown. They grow better in Mediterranean climates.) I'm watching the quince-ripening carefully so I can eat it when it's perfectly ripe.

  • On the subject of Chocolate Week, any of you who are planning on visiting your favorite chocolate store anytime soon might want to consider participating in Food Destinations this month. The third installment of this monthly food blogging event asks that you write a post about your favorite chocolate shop by the 30th of October. Further details can be found here, at Chocolate in Context.