December 25th, 2006

Santahatted Owls and fish

Christmas glow

The sky is slate grey, an ambient twilightesque glow the sole presence of sunshine. Within, the house is cozy, the turkey cooking for hours, the boiler and radiators on, the tree glinting with light and ornament and metallic gleams of paper. Ribbon curls in iridescent bows. Crystal glows quiescently, its transparency lucid and direct. Light is a theme: there are candles and firestarters, a flashlight and a lamp between us all. Crystalline beads illumine dark fabrics and decorative wire rings, a glint against silk or tapestry or cotton or wire. We give gifts of warmth and fire and wool to tide us into spring again: snug hats and glittering scarves.

May your day too be warm and bright, within if not without.