December 26th, 2006

Santahatted Owls and fish

December Moments

St. Cecelia's Day always reminds me of SmithKatie, wreathed and with candles on a gloomy morning.

My Christmas bag has a picture of a Christmas stocking pieceworked onto it, red and tied with a gold ribbon, one family's tradition masquerading as that of another family.

For the past several years, Christmas dinner ice wine has been imported from Canada. This year we are all switched around in countries, and our eiswein came from Germany.

Robo Rally was a fun game for Pudmas and a fun game for Christmas evening after the Dr. Who special. With six of us and a late evening, the game took so long we didn't even finish. With so many players, the game's like bumper cars.

C.'s lost in Air. All the books I received were food-related; lovely, exciting things, but not a work of fiction among them.

Today is St. Stephen's Day, and Boxing Day, and a birthday party, and post-Christmas sales, and just another working day.