January 22nd, 2007

Fishy Circumstances

Shopping Advice?

Kitchen cupboard shelflets revisited: Since our cupboards are tall and our dishes are a few too many, I use shelflets to further divide up kitchen cupboard space. They aren't really called shelflets, but neither does there seem to be a standardized name for them. When I first moved back to England, I posted a cry for help: where on earth to find these staples of North American organizational stores? Armed with suggestions, I went shopping.

  • Argos: Metal racks. The corner plate organizer is flimsy, but the stackable shelves aren't bad - except I prefer them rubber-coated to protect the plates.

  • Lakeland: A pair of stacking shelflets, strong, wide, perfect. ("Space Saver Shelves") The problem? Lakeland no longer sells them! They sell an extra shelflet ("Add-a-Shelf") still, but it's not designed for stacking.

  • Ikea: I picked it up in the store and put it back down again. Even cheaper and flimsier than Argos'.

  • John Lewis: I tried the Oxford Street one in 2005 and they didn't have any.

  • Random hardware store up north: I picked up an excellent, sturdy rubber-coated metal plate rack there, but they didn't stock shelflets.

So any more suggestions as to where to find these? If I can't find anything else decent, I'll go with the Lakeland non-stacking variant.

Furniture Shops: Ikea's been a staple, but what else would you actively recommend? I just don't know most of the brands here, not having been in the market for furniture much. John Lewis looks like a promising place for some things.

How to buy a pillow? For something I spent a third of my life with, I've never put much money or effort into pillows, and I've been perennially discontent with them as a result. This is silly. Pillows are widespread and far easier to buy at all levels of quality than are shelflets. Is there more to know about pillow shopping than just trying lots out?