April 24th, 2007

Fishy Circumstances

Today's History

Yesterday, while compiling this post, I browsed through the Wikipedia's listing of births, deaths, and other major events which occurred on April 23rd. I read through superficially, copying over names which stood out of people who had died on that day in years past. I wasn't paying attention to years since I wasn't calculating anniversaries -

- which is why I didn't notice that the year listed by Boris Yeltsin's name was 2007. I noted his name was at the end of the list and presumed 2006, thinking it was something I'd forgotten or somehow missed the news in the first place. It wasn't until C. came home and I told him about all the things which happened on this day in the past that we figured it out. He was surprised that Yeltsin had died last year - that was news to him. And then we looked at the BBC News page - and Yeltsin's death was the headline.

As soon as news happens, it becomes history.