July 28th, 2007

Fishy Circumstances


With two houseguests arriving in the next two days, our boiler chose this weekend to die on us (again). The rental office won't do a thing about it until Monday at the earliest, which means we are boiling lots of water in order to get clean. We're part of a long tradition - although said long tradition generally involved smaller bathtubs.

Water problems seem endemic this week. It's not just the floods, although a damaged water supply system resulting in unusable running drinking water is a major problem, much more so than the mere lack of hot water. (I should know. I was in Des Moines when its waterworks were contaminated by flood, although I left - prearranged flight - after the first three days of the two weeks of fresh water outage.) Electric showers failing, hot water running out...

Then again, I'm voluntarily spending tomorrow in the sewers.