August 18th, 2007

Fishy Circumstances

De-feet in the face of joy

In a whirlwind of dressing up* and leaving this afternoon, I put on my black high heeled shoes. These are elegant and fun, my second pair of heels ever. I bought them for my sister's wedding last year, and have occasionally worn them out to dinner since.

We were heading out for the wedding of J & P, two lovely fannish people whose nuptials were held in a remarkably elegant pub, complete with corinthian columns, multiple balconies, copious ceiling space, and a bar with ornate presence. The venue was rich with people. And my feet hurt.

As ever in London, we'd taken public transportation in to the event, which involves a fair amount of walking. When putting on my shoes, I'd failed to take into account the fact that I'd only ever worn them when standing around, and being driven from place to place. In other words, I'd never really walked anywhere in them before.

The exchange of vows was simple and effective. The bridal party was beautifully dressed, the bride in a vivid red sari decorated with gold. There were lots of people there I don't see nearly often enough. It was a fine and festive occasion.

Alas, we didn't stay much longer. I could stand around just fine, but walking at all was seriously painful with the tops of my shoes tearing through the tops of my feet. Next time, I stop and think before wearing heels.

* In the last outfit I bought from Gypsy Moon, back when they still had a retail outfit, even if it didn't keep scheduled hours any more. Gypsy Moon was for years my very favorite clothing store, but I know almost no one in Boston anymore and anyways, they no longer do retail.