August 23rd, 2007

Hippo of Recollection

Alias dropping

In the past two weeks, I've seen all sorts of lovely people and things when not busy doing in my foot, catching a sick ear, or, most importantly, preparing for class.

  • C. and I explored the modern Japanese crafts exhibit at the British Museum. There are all sorts of stunningly gorgeous works there. Mostly, I coveted sublime pieces of pottery and wondered just how laquer is processed and applied. There was extraordinary basketry, awe-inspiring weaving, and delicate inlay work. Most of the pieces on display were made by Living National Treasures from Japan - indeed, the exhibit is largely in celebration of fifty years of there being Living National Treasures.

  • billyabbott hosted what may have been a housewarming, and what was definitely a barbecue. He made his own beef brisket and peanut sauce!

  • sushidog, baker extraordinaire, hosted a fun tea party. Even though lots of people missed out by not being there, I think it was all the more enjoyable for being able to talk to everyone.

  • I ate tasty tapas with oursin, allegedly to save postage on a book she had for me, but really, dinner costs more, and even more really, it was for the pleasure of her company.

  • At flick's, I discovered that familiar-looking LJ aliases belong to people I already knew, watched a cruise ship tower over Thameside housing (Just like in Venice! Only from above on a hilltop!), and was generally distracted by the rotating ears of her robobunny.

  • This morning, I had brunch with whatifoundthere, who believes me to be Canadian. We first met in Canada, after all. I recommend D.K. Café near Victoria Station for inexpensive breakfast - served until 4 pm - and freshly squeezed juices. My brunch companion was at a party last night with hairyears, because, as we have determined, there are only 200 people in the world, so sooner or later everyone must run into everyone else.