October 3rd, 2007


The Don

Location: The Courtyard, 20 St. Swithins Lane, London ECAN 8AD, near Cannon Street station

taldragon is a friend with a constructive approach. She likes reading my food write-ups, so she asks me out to lunch on a regular basis and has me choose the location. This time, taking all the relevant factors into account, I picked The Don Restaurant & Bistro, conveniently located near her touristic destination of the day, the Tower of London. The Don is tucked away in a quiet courtyard off of a quiet street off of Cannon Street, right in the heart of the City. I took us to the bistro, not the restaurant, which would have been more formal. Our coats were taken before we even said we had a reservation.

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Service was generally attentive, ambiance pleasant, and the cooking competent throughout with occasional highs. For a city venue, the prices are competitive (5-8 for starters, 9-14 for mains, 6 for desserts) and they offer two options for cheese courses. Given how large my main was - the others were more reasonable - if I went back I'd be tempted to order starters, cheese&salad, and then dessert instead of the usual trilogy of courses. The bill arrived with an advertisement for their meet-the-winemakers dinners. For a reasonably priced, solid, substantial meal option in the City, this is a fine choice.