November 25th, 2007


Eating in Venice and near Verona

Rotonda near Verona

I've been eating well this week, here in Venice. Pot roast. Turkey. Cranberries. Wild rice. Stuffing. Good American Thanksgiving meals and all the requisite leftovers.

Much as this is really good food, it was a nice break to spend yesterday eating Italian food, for a change. We had a proper multi-course Venetian lunch at Vini da Gigio, with classics such a meltingly-soft sarde in saor; squid-ink dyed spaghetti with a robust olive, tuna, and tomato sauce; duck alla burinella; roast branzino; and a wholly untraditional-but-excellent dessert of gianduia-flavored semifreddo with a crunchy crumbled bits of amaretti. And after one good, substantial meal, we went on (eventually) to a second.

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I still have lots of good acqua alta photos I could post from the other day, but this is more representative of my past 24 hours - the roundabout outside my hotel window this morning, just off a motorway, somewhere in the orbit of Verona. Thematically, it too has water in it.