January 10th, 2008

Anime-Eye from Haze no shana


All the vertical lines in my world are slightly curvy this evening. Bookshelves bulge out slightly and nothing seems quite in focus even though it is. I'd forgotten what the process of habituating to new glasses is like.

But so far I'm pleased: I don't look like someone else when I see myself in the mirror. The glasses look like they belong on me, yet they aren't too similar to my previous pair. (My previous pair was still going strong, but the enamel was starting to chip from years of use.) And hopefully, within the next day-or-so, I'll feel like my eyes are fully in focus again.

P.S. This may be one of the only times I've mentioned glasses and not had it be dissertation related!

A Temperate Gift

I have never seen anything so wonderfully appropriate for me as this: a box decorated for me by my fellow scholar in Temperance studies, suffisaunce. It is lovely and vivid, colorful and cheerful, and full of relevant iconographic richness. I love it so much! Thank you!

Consider the top panel, shown above. I'm quite certain that's me pictured there, in the guise of a personification of Temperance, identified by red hair and crowned with the laurels of graduation. She cleverly uses letters to distinguish the cardinal virtues, with the T for Temperance labeling the central figure, and F (Fortitude), J (Justice), and P (Prudence) hovering around. The windmill on one side and the mask-like glasses on the other are two of Temperance's attributes. Just below the glasses is what is either a sundial or a face; if it's a sundial, it's standing in for all the varied timepieces which are also used as her attributes. If it's a face, it's one of four on the front of the box, either the other cardinal virtues or perhaps Temperance's dependent virtues.

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