January 23rd, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

Non fiction SF awards, wine tastes, and Jonathan Coulton

fjm has just started a community for discussing non-fiction about science fiction: nonficawards. If you're at all interesting in the subject, go and participate.

Via fs_appetizers, I read of Tim Hanni, a major wine advisor to restaurants in the states. He's an advocate of an unusual system, which suggests wines based on peoples' sensitivity to taste. As someone who comes out as borderline sensitive/hyper-sensitive to tastes and prefers sweeter wines, I thought this an idea worth pursuing. Click a few boxes and tell me how accurate the Budometer was for you?

Thanks to j_bluestocking, I have encountered Jonathan Coulton, a musician whose career is based around his online success in self-promotion, including blogging. He gives away his songs, or sells them for a US dollar each. I recommend especially "Re: Your Brains" and "Skullcrusher Mountain". (I've linked to videos made by fans with these songs, but you can listen without the distraction of images from the composer's site.) But the song of his actually stuck in my head is the one j_bluestocking linked to in the first place: the closing theme to the game Portal, "Still Alive".
Fishy Circumstances

Not quite stone soup

The BSFA provided the opportunity to meet up and conversational fodder.
The interviewee's scheduled provided the cancelled dinner.
hairyears offered company for actual dinner.
Lack of a ewtikins made a closer venue sensible.
D.M. provided the 50% vouchers for Yo!Sushi, although he wasn't actually joining us!
He also provided us with pseudonyms, which was fun.
I provided the knowledge of where the closest Yo!Sushi was.

It was a group effort, but from it, two of us had a very pleasant dinner.