February 5th, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

A few days in vocabulary

haggerty - Potatoes and cheese and goodness, as served as an appetizer as The Narrow. aca and easterbunny joined us for a second expedition to the pub, which proved itself to be MUCH more interesting on a second try than it had been the first time around.

clapshot - A side-dish, also from the Narrow's menu. Turnips and potato mash.

steeplejack - A person who scales large buildings for the purposes of repair. It's an excellent history of tech term I'd never run across before. The profession was made famous in the UK by Fred Dibnah. This subject came up because Dibnah is referenced in the Lancashire Hotpots' song "Ebay 'eck", and I didn't know who he was. (Thanks to pennski for introducing me to their existence via "He's turned emo".)

double-fronted house - I had visions of this property term meaning something like "façades on two sides of a block", such as at a corner, or because it has an entrance from both the front and the back of the building. No, nothing so interesting. It just refers to how many "bays" the house has - one on one side of the door is a "single-fronted house". One bay of house on each side of the door is a "double-fronted house". I learned this in Ilford, where coth & co. kindly gave us a local tour on Sunday.

fritelle - Lovely deep-fried holeless doughnuts flavored with candied citrus pieces. Available seasonally in Venice for carnevale - which ends today. Tomorrow, they will not be available anymore, and another year will pass without me eating one. They're really good. If you can't have fritelle either, may your day be full of pancakes instead.