March 3rd, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

Eurovision - The UK Decides

I've finally used BBC's iPlayer, and it sure is useful. I missed the UK deciding on its Eurovision entry on Saturday night, and managed to remain unspoiled by the resolution until I watched it tonight.

LoveShy - Consistent song, but not hugely exciting. Eye-catching costuming, with still-somewhat trendy-for-Eurovision SM-lite elements.
The Revelations - Good refrain, mediocre verses, solid look.
Rob McVeigh - Who chose your song? I KNOW you can do better.
Simona Armstrong - Cute! Quirky! Lovely vocal harmonics and a reasonably strong song. Fab hair.
Andy Abraham - Good singer, fine performance, song reminds me of a melange of several others.
Michelle Gayle - Fun, lively, on the border between silly and serious, very catchy.

I was certain Michelle Gayle was going to win, although I was hoping Simona would give her serious competition for it. Instead, it's Andy Abraham, and I don't rate the UK's chances at Eurovision this year all that highly because of it. We'll see come May....