March 25th, 2008



In late February, pennski proposed bringing a typical British cake to Eastercon to explore the hypothesis that British cakes, while dry, are redeemed by being consumed with tea. It seemed only fair that I bring a cake too, one representative of American cakes.

Thus it was that we, along with bookzombie, settled down with cups of tea (camomile in my case), improvised plates, and two cakes to investigate this pressing matter in the middle of Eastercon. Her madeira cake was dry, but flavored with lovely delicacy - and having it with a cup of hot tea made all the difference. The dryness really didn't bother me as much - but the tea was a necessity to compensate. They agreed that the apple cake I brought was much moister, suitable for consumption with drinks regardless of temperatures. It did not depend on a drink for completion.

Having proved we were both right about our respective cakes, pennski mentioned that friends of hers had been surprised that she was going to bring along a madeira cake. Surely semminel cake [sp?] simnel or seed cake would be more appropriate. Because there is never too much to know about cake, I turn to you: what do you consider the most typical British cake to eat with tea? Be specific.

(Also, relatedly, which is the best British cake to eat with tea?)