April 15th, 2008


Dating a jacket

Dear F'list,

Several of you are costume historians or historical costumers. Others of you are consummately interested in the details of the past.

I'm hoping you can help date this painting on the basis of the clothing styles therein - the more precisely, the better. A specific year would be miraculous. This is for my mother. She's particularly interested in possible dating for the jacket.

If only this were medieval, I'd have even greater confidence in your abilities, but hopefully you can, nevertheless, help.

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If you'd like close up details of anything else, let me know.
Portrait as a Renaissance artist-enginee

Clothing dating update

It's buried in the comments, so many of you who helped with dating the image won't have seen printperson's thanks and conclusion:
Thanks to everyone who helped me to date Edouard Vuillard's painting. The date on the label was ca. 1890 but this didn't seem right for a number of reasons. In 1890, Vuillard had a different sense of space and used paint in a different way. Considering style and technique alone, the work was more similar to his works of the first decade of the 1900s. On the basis of your suggestions of 1908-1910, I image-Googled "1908 hat" and found a photograph of a woman with an almost perfect match to her hair, hat, and jacket.


Further thoughts on the subject are still welcome, of course!