April 29th, 2008

Eternal Quest


Envision a city. It's waterbound, with canals dividing up its districts from each other. Gondolas transport visitors and the wealthy to their destinations. Even today, the most well-off palazzos employ their own gondoliers. Merchandise arrives from all over the world here, and merchants hold a great deal of power, influencing the government and frequently a part of it. Its liquid arteries are filled with traders. The rich live in large palaces, walls hiding away rich interior spaces, including gardens. The city was built on swamp, reclaimed from the sea by hard work, but not all of it is in good condition. There is swamp still nearby.

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Today is the U.S. publication date for the sequel to Lisa Shearin's Magic Lost, Trouble Found. It's entitled Armed and Magical. It is not set in Mermeia.

P.S. MLTF is an exemplary urban non-modern fantasy, balancing dark with humor, plus an effective sense of streetscape and a pinch of romantic tension.