May 16th, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

Eurovision entries 2008

This year's Eurovision song contest features 43 countries competing in two semi-finals and one final over the course of next week. I like getting my opinions warmed up in advance, so spent part of this afternoon watching all 43 videos. (You can see them on the BBC's Eurovision site, or on the official Eurovision site.)

Audible trends: Female soloists. String sections.
Visual trends: Fantasy and SF elements. Lack of dancers. Ballgowns. Women in clothing tied on or laced up. Sunglasses.


Best solo: Switzerland - Paolo Meneguzzi, "Era Stupendo"
Best duet: Romania - Nico and Vlad, "Pe-o Margine De Lume"
Best classical fusion song: Belgium - Ishtar, "O Julissi"
Best modern fusion song: Bulgaria - Deep Zone and Balthazar, "DJ, Take Me Away"
Best Plot: Malta - Morena, "Vodka"
Silliest: Hard call between Spain's instructional dance video and Latvia's pirates.

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Dance highlights (for marzapane): Iceland, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Switzerland (especially the breakdancing)

If I were to give a prize for most intellectual song, it would go to Ireland - Dustin the Turkey, "Irelande Douze Pointe". Seriously.

Notable lyrics: From Croatia - Kraljevi Ulice and 75 Cents, "Romanca". "BUT I WAS THE FIRST THE INTERNET / IN THE WORLD / SAILING ON SHIPS WITH MY MUSIC / I CONNECTED THE PLANET"