June 8th, 2008



Location: 74 Blackfriars Road, Southwark. London.

Dark woods of the waiting area bar opened up into a large expanse of redone industrial in white alternating with bare brick, with high ceilings and cross-beams. Six of us, including haggisthesecond, naxos, aca, easterbunny, and C., settled down in a table surrounded by other tables, a lively restaurant on a Tuesday night. The hard walls bounced the sounds around enough to make it hard to talk from one end of the table to the other, although not so problematic from side to side. With tasty, rich breads and a light horseradish spready to keep us going, we settled down to peruse the menu.

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By and large, the food was quite good, well-chosen and executed. When it disappointed, it was dull, not bad. I would happily go back; but I would equally happily try out other eastern European restaurants, to better learn just how to divide the dishes down further by country.