June 15th, 2008

Permanent intolerable uncertainty


Throughout high school, my job was working as a monitor at the education branch of the Art Center, Des Moines' art museum (and quite a good one too, at least for its modern art collection). Each semester, I was assigned to two particular classes, to help the instructor with setting up, cleaning up, operating dangerous equipment for the young'uns (i.e. hot glue guns), modeling for the drawing classes, and generally being useful.

As a result, I've done quite a bit of work with paint. All kinds of paint. Cleaning up after acrylic paints was my favorite. The large dollops of leftover vivid colors apply smoothly and evenly over hands, perfect for experimenting with alternative skin colors. (I was particularly fond of turquoise and lilac.) I've rubbed hundreds and hundreds of brushes clear of oil paint, pouring out the turpentine into heavy containers for safe disposal. I've masked the edges of innumerable pieces of paper and canvas for painting. I've painted in dollops and washes, water and oil.

So that's what I know about paint.

Now what else do I need to know in order to do a good job painting the walls of a room?

P.S. I'm equipped with roller, tray, brushes, ladder, newspaper, extra-wide masking tape, and know what color of paint to buy. I'll be doing two coats. We've already tried out samplers on the wall. The light fixtures, hooks, and blinds are off the wall. I'll work around the sockets. My biggest worry is that I have no idea how to make brushwork blend in with rollerwork.