June 20th, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

The One Week Collection Challenge

The house distracted me; I was certain that the one week of the second-ever easterbunny one week LJ collection challenge ended Friday. So that's a little over a week then. Mine was this: "Choose any saint whose feast day coincides with your birthday. Find all references to that saint's name: churches, streets, pubs, and so on. Bonus points for finding pub names, streets, etc. relating to that of which the saint is patron."

After I surveyed all the options, I settled on the most obvious option, St. James the Greater, figuring that he upped my odds of finding any.

Before today, I had a whopping two items in my collection.
1. damedroiture went on pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. (via cliosfolly) Tiago = Diego = James. Really.

2. At Nando's.

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I may have chosen St. James the Greater, but you were all going to choose my also-ran theme for me. It ended up a dead heat between Olympiada the Deaconess of Constantinople (who went on post-death adventures), and the Ebernoe Horn Fair in Sussex (involves sheep-roasting, cricket, and thunderstorms). Poor Saint Anne is the only option with no votes. Pity. She was the only other one for whom I knew I could get at least one relevant photo.