June 30th, 2008

Fishy Circumstances

Assorted recent notes

  • Warning, William Curley Dessert Bar fans: It's down to one chef for the time being. Call in advance (ideally, no more than a week before you intend to go) to make sure there'll be a chef there on the day to accomodate your multi-course dessert cravings. Alternately, their pre-made stuff is pretty good. My expedition there with austengirl marked the second time in a row when I showed up to find them chef-less. Last time there was a little less they could have done about it: the chef was sick.

  • I went to Warwick and read the guidebook. I'd love to visit St. Mary's, with its plethora of tombs and memorials for historial personages who went on to a lively afterlife in Shakespeare's plays. This trip, all I managed was a brief walk through town, including one of the gates, and a pleasant restaurant evening with makyo and A. (which I will write up the next time I free up more hard drive space for photos).

  • The second pebble in the stonecircle family was christened on Sunday, a wonderful excuse for a York social reunion.

  • J. knew exactly what C. needed for his birthday: a really small remote control helicopter. He's much better at flying than landing, but then he's only had about 15 minutes total flight time so far for practice.
Fishy Circumstances

Clear plastic bags

Where in the UK does one go to buy large trash-bag-sized clear plastic bags? B&Q, Homebase, and Sainsbury's do not sell them. They only sell black or green opaque ones.

I really don't have to have them, but it's become a personal challenge. In Canada and the US, I bought them at Home Depot or Canadian Tire, cheaply, in large rolls. Here, I can't find them at all so far. (They're useful for storage of non-trash goods on a temporary basis. Good, therefore, for the casual moving of soft goods.)

Edited to add: Lakeland and Robert Dyas didn't have them either, but Waitrose came through for me! 2.99 for a pack of 10 transparent draw-string bags sold as "Storage Bags". nicolai also offered some good, if more expensive, alternatives, should any of you in the UK ever be truly desperate for such things.