July 18th, 2008

Canary Wharf

End of an era

No more windowsills desperately molding.
No more cracks in the wall as the building settles.
No more all-electric heating.
No more excess of furnishment.
No more decorative rocks to account for in the inventory.
No more potpourri for the same.
No more unusably rusty wok for the same.

No more conveniently living in zone 2.
No more surfeit of hallway.
No more vasty light of floor-to-ceiling windows.
No more watching arrivals from the elevator always looking the wrong way first.
No more convenient restaurants and corner shops just downstairs.
No more friendly local dry cleaner, restaurant manager, cornerstore guy.
No more convenience and friendship of concierge service.

The flat's all clean, made back up as a display piece with made beds and all that potpourri and decorative rocks to fill the decorative vases and pitchers. I handed over the keys this morning. I made my goodbyes. As of today, I don't live there any more.