August 28th, 2008

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CFP: Weblogs and the Academy, Kalamazoo 2009

CFP: Weblogs and the Academy: The Scope of the Professional and Boundaries of the Personal in Open, Pseudo-Anonymous, and Anonymous Blogging
International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 7-10, 2009

Elisabeth Carnell and I are organizing next year's installation of the "Weblogs and the Academy" series for Kalamazo in 2009. Would you be interested in giving a paper on personal/professional boundaries; the Tribble effect; open, pseudo-anonymous, and anonymous academic blogging; or any other related topic as it relates, in some way, to Medieval Studies?

Last year's session ended with a passionate discussion on this very subject, far more material than could be fit into question time, so it's high time that it had a session of its own. Contact me about it, or the official pointwoman, Elisabeth. Her details are listed on the last page of the official K'zoo CFP. (PDF)

All paper abstracts must be received no later than September 15th, along with cover pages detailing contact information and equipment requirements.
Portrait as a Renaissance artist-enginee

A rhyming version

From various medievalists (only formerly in prose)...

You may very well a medievalist be
if you have a best-loved Lateran decree.
The same may be true if a one-car collision
could wipe out your whole academic division.
A giveaway token is if you add "yet"
to "I don't know that language"; you will soon, I bet.
At conferences, all other folk in your session
have made holy orders their lifelong profession.
Your second'ry sources, for some other student,
are primary sources, selected, most prudent.
You must know the truth about Arthur and Cei?
You don't? Well, why not? Please do tell me, I pray.
For you, the Americans fought revolution
for freedom, a recent and modern solution.
The Renaissance? That's just a dirty, late lie;
it's one that we all resolutely deny.
And when you've bad day, when hellbound all ways,
you can say in which infernal ring's your malaise.

For an original version, see here. It's not the sveltist collection of couplets, but I thought I put into it all the work that the project deserved.